Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise

Step aboard on the special Avanti Light Cruise. Partner and initiator of the Amsterdam Light Festival. A impressive scenery of the illuminated city of Amsterdam. Spectacular vieuws, and brillant lightsculptures by national and international lightartists with multiple highlights.
During this festival the Avanti itself is a fully decorated lightdesign in itself with very special ambiance.

Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise

Salonboot Avanti Initiator of this Festival

During the holiday season The Amsterdam Light Festival will enlight the centre of Amsterdam. A Festival of light and water which will enhance the beauty of this ancient city. An impressive scenery, spectacular views and brillant lightculptures made by national and international lightartists.

.It's a Water Colar Cruise aboard the Avanti, one of the most beautiful and atmospheric boats, in the Canals of Amsterdam.

When? From Friday the 26th of November 2014 until Sunday 19 January 2015.  We have made some very special packages for you. Tailormade is of course a possibilty to get a full scope of the city by boat. 

For rental information please calll: 0622197287 
or sent us a mail via email:

Amsterdam Light festival  Organisation
Our Chairman is one of the initiators of this Festival which came forward in 2009 with the start of the Christmas Canal Parade.

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Packages description:

Inclusive Gluhwein
: On board you'll be welcomed by a hot/warm gluhwein.

Heated: The Avanti is fully heated. 

Toilet a board: Many have gone before.

Evening Cruise: We'll cruise in the evening for the best views of this festival.

Romantic Cruise: How  romantic can it be? 

Accompying muziek: take your I-Phone, I-Pad or I-Pod along and we'll play your music.

With tourguide: 
via a surround system the guide/skipper will inform you of all the lightculptures and designs.

Packages from 40,- 

Your  best option for a Amsterdam Light Cruise

The Avanti is not a standaard cruiseboat. 
Our cruises through Amsterdam or the Amstel have a different motto:
It's about atmosphere and cohesion on the Amsterdams Canals during the Holiday season.....that's what it is all about.