Salonboat the Avanti build in 1909

The Salonboat the Avanti was build in 1909 on the shipyard called “De Nijverheid” located in Krimpen aan de Ijssel and owned by C. van der Giessen. The boat was used as a Executive- and Family-boat and was driven by a captain named Willem Lingen and engineer named Cornelis Boer.

Of Dutch Origin

The Avanti has been in possession of the family van der Giessen from 1909 until 1938. The family used the boat to sail the inner waterways of the Netherlands and visited events like “The Kaagweek”, “Hollandia raceweeks” etc…

Executive-boat and Salonboat

One of the other tasks of the Avanti was to commute between the shipyard at Krimpen and the railway station in Rotterdam to pick-up or return clients. In those days the only public transport available was the “Goudse boat” who used to sail only a couple of times a day. The roads on the embankments were unpaved and cars and busses did not exist.

In the early twenties, on a daily basis, the 3 oldest grandchildren of van der Giessen were driven to grammar school by boat (The Avanti) to Rotterdam.

In the early twenties, Shipyard van der Giessen, were also affected by a world-wide financial crisis. With this event the story of the Avanti and family van der Giessen ended. In 1938 the Avanti was sold, via Dordrecht, to a family in Brugge, Belgium.
Portservice and tugboat

So far not much is known about this sale. According to a Belgian Tonnage Certificate from the early nineteen forties, the boat was registered as the Avanti FH56 and owned by the Firm F. Hanssens and sons from Brugge, Belgium. The boat was used as tugboat for the portservices between Brugge and Zeebrugge in Belgium.

With thanks of the help of the Maritiem Museum in Rotterdam (linken) and the family of van der Giessen, much of the history has been retrieved. Even the original drawings popped (linken naar bouwtekeningen) up in 2009 after a extensive search of the library of the museum.

In 2000 the Avanti was found in a ruinous state in Sneek, a city in the province of Friesland.