Salonboat Avanti - from rust to lust

A hundred years ago she was build to sail over the Maas and her surroundings. After a tumultuous live she was found surreptitiously rusting in Sneek´s backyard. As she was discovered a couple of admirers decided to restore her to her old glory. Nowadays, like a elegant swan, she sails the historical canals of Amsterdam again.

Rebuilding Salonboat Avanti

In 2007 the foundation tested the hull itself for any weaknesses and soon it became clear that after 100 years the clenched plating had deteriorated.

Originally build in 4 mm there were spots measured not more than 0,9 mm thick. There was only one option left. The whole underwater plating had to be replaced.

Now the new underwater hull measures 6 mm thick and under good guidance of the Dutch Marine Survey Department the Avanti is save to sail for future generations to come.
All attention on the basics

Interior, engine, electra, woodwork etc had to be removed for welding purposes. A huge operation. So decisions had to be made. Again the Dutch Marine Survey Department helped out to set out the rules for save sailing applicable for the Avanti. The engine has been renewed, electronics renewed and woodwork replaced. After completion the Avanti was sandblasted and painted.

Salonboat Avanti – Back to Old Glory

The coming years attention will be paid to restore the original top/deck of the Avanti. A canvas roof has been placed as a temporary solution. Non the less, in style of the old Salonboat.